General Questions About the Conference
Questions About Registration Options

General Questions About the Conference

Question: What is a “virtual conference”?

Answer: The Virtual AD/HD Conference® is just like a physical conference—the experts in the world of AD/HD will be gathered in one place to present the latest information and strategies to an audience of adults and professionals.

However, rather than traveling to a conference, the Virtual AD/HD Conference comes to you!

You’ll access each presentation either by joining a live teleseminar (by phone or computer) or by downloading an MP3 recording or watching a replay after the presentation. You can also view or download slides provided by the speakers.

And there will be forums in which you can discuss the presentations with your peers—just like at a physical conference!

Question: Do I have to attend all the sessions?

Answer: No, you do not have to attend all the sessions. You can pick and choose which sessions you’d like to attend live, and you can listen to session recordings after the presentations.

Question: Do I need special software to attend the conference?

Answer: No, you do not need special software to attend the conference, but you do need an up-to-date version of Flash.

Question: What options do I have for listening live?

Answer: You will have the choice of either dialing in via telephone, the way you would on a conference call, or you can listen live on the web. Listening on the web is very easy provided you have a working flash player (almost all computers do)—all you will have to do is “press play”.

Question: Do I need to be web savvy to attend the conference?

Answer: While we have made every effort to make your conference experience as easy as possible, please keep in mind that you will be using your computer and an Internet connection to access most of the conference materials.

If you are comfortable using your computer and navigating the Internet, then you should be comfortable attending the Virtual AD/HD Conference.

Please note that we do have a support team available for customers experiencing technical difficulties, but we will not be able to issue refunds if you experience technical difficulties due to your own computer.

Question: Will there be a video component to the conference?

Answer:  Yes, this will be our first year offering a video component for each session! We are still working on the details, but as long as your computer has an up-to-date flash player, you will be able to see the videos.

Question: How long will the presentation recordings and other materials be available on the conference website?

Answer: The presentation recordings and other materials will remain on the website for 3 months following the conference. However, you must be registered for the conference in order to have access to the website.

Question: What will you be offering for parents and/or professionals working with ADHD children?

This year’s event will focus on adults with ADHD, but we are simultaneously working on a compilation of conference sessions from the first five years (2008-11) that specifically address the needs of parents and people working with ADHD children. It will be available within the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Questions About Registration Options

Question: I don’t want to attend the live sessions, I just want to download the slides and recordings. Is there a registration option for this?

Answer: The registration fees are the same whether or not you attend the live sessions.

Question: Will I be able to buy the audio CDs, transcripts, and printed slides at a later date?

Answer: We are offering only one registration option this year, and it does not include printed materials. Because Jennifer (the Conference Director) and her partner (the Conference Manager) are expecting twins shortly after the conference, we needed to simplify things in order to keep the event running in 2013. The binders take a lot of time and effort to produce after the event, and we just won’t have the capacity to make it happen this time. However, as part of your registration, you will have access to the website for a full 3 months after the conclusion of the conference to download all of the slides and recordings.

Question: Are Continuing Education Credits (CEs) available for professionals attending the conference?

Answer: We will not be offering CE credits, but we hope you decide to join us anyway! If you are in need of CE credits, our friends at the National Association for Continuing Education (NACE) offer some great online and home study courses. Their website is http://www.naceonline.com/index.html.

Question: Are there scholarships available?

Answer: We are not able to offer scholarships at this time.

Question: Is there a group rate for registration?

We do not offer a group rate for the conference. The conference is designed so that individuals may participate on their own time, at their own pace, so that everyone can fully take advantage of the conference resources!

Question: Is there a coupon code for registration?

We apologize for any confusion regarding the Special Code field in the shopping cart. At this time, the only coupon code available for registration is for people who purchased the Odd One Out Home Study Coaching Program. If you purchased the program, you are entitled to $25 off your Virtual AD/HD Conference registration. Please turn to the last page of the workbook to locate your coupon code.

Question: Can I register with a purchase order?

Answer: We are not able to accept registrations via purchase order. The only method of payment that we are able to accept is a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express). If you are registering as a member of an organization, we recommend that you register using a credit card and submit your receipt for reimbursement by your organization or employer.

Question: What is the cancellation policy?

Answer: Cancellations will be accepted through September 27, 2013. A full refund less an administrative fee of $25 will be issued. No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after September 27, 2013. Cancellations must be submitted in writing through our Contact Us page. Please note that we do have a support team available for customers experiencing technical difficulties, but we will not be able to issue refunds if you experience technical difficulties due to your own computer.