Getting Started

Welcome to the 6th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference! We’re so glad to have you with us. Even if you’ve attended the Virtual AD/HD Conference before, you’ll be happy to see we’ve upgraded our technology to bring you the best experience possible! This year, we have some brand new features that we’re very proud of, including video, chat, mobile access,  in-room tech support, and more. We believe the new technology is very user friendly and intuitive, and we hope you agree! Here are a few simple instructions to get you started, as well as some basic troubleshooting tips.

Our conference room software works on Adobe Flash. Most people already have Flash installed and updated on their computer (this happens automatically). To make sure your version of Flash is working, or to check if you have the most up-to-date version, click here. You will also find Flash troubleshooting tips on that same page.

Participating Live

To participate in the live Master Classes, which take place Monday, October 7 through Thursday, October 10 from 11am-1pm Eastern and 2pm-4pm Eastern (two classes a day), follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Enter as a Guest”
  3. Type your name as you wish it to appear
  4. Click “Enter Room”
  5. Make sure your speakers are turned on!

Chatting, Submitting a Question, and Getting Tech Support During a Live Master Class

  • To chat with other attendees during a live Master Class, simply type your thoughts into the “Public Chat” box. Everything you write here will be visible to the entire audience. Please note that speakers will not be chatting during their Master Classes.
  • To submit a question for the Questions and Answers portion of a Master Class, simply type your question into the “Q & A / Tech Support” box. These questions will not be made public, but they will be received behind the scenes. Questions will be moderated, and Jennifer will ask as many relevant questions as possible during the allotted time.
  • To get tech support during a live Master Class, please contact us by using the “Q & A / Tech Support” box. Ken, our dedicated Tech Support Professional, will receive your message privately, and he’ll be happy to assist you in real time.

Virtual AD/HD Conference on Your Mobile Device

Good news! Our Master Classes are available on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Blackberry! 

After you download the app, enter the Meeting URL Choose to login as a guest and enter your name as you wish it to appear.

Computer Troubleshooting

For best results, we recommend using an Internet browser other than Google Chrome. Click here to download Firefox, or click here to download Internet Explorer. If you are using a Mac, click here to download Safari.

If you need help, Adobe Connect has kindly provided us with a Quick Start Guide to help you access and participate in the live Master Classes. Once you are in the “room”, there will also be a tech support person there live during the sessions. Simply type your question into the box that says Q&A/Tech Support and he will be glad to help you.

If you are unable to hear audio through your computer speakers, please let us know at

If all else fails and you are unable to connect to the conference room to watch and listen to the Master Classes, you can access the recordings later and follow along with the speakers’ slides by clicking on the slides link on the individual session pages.