Empowering Your Signature Strengths for a Better ADHD Future

David GiwercEmpowering Your Signature Strengths for a Better ADHD Future
With David Giwerc, MCC, MCAC, BCC
Thursday, October 10, 2013 2:00pm – 4:00pm EDT

The frenzy and sheer speed of today’s world is placing greater pressure to process and perform on a daily basis, and creating a working/living environment of perpetual stress that is overwhelming every adult with ADHD. Many of us find ourselves with no clear sense of purpose, or intention, and lacking the zest and passion necessary to sustain the effort to be productive, fulfilled human beings. In this Master Class, Master Certified Coach David Giwerc will share how he has empowered countless numbers of adults with ADHD to give themselves permission to proceed and create a fulfilling life of passion, purpose, and possibilities. He’ll help you transform the way you look at yourself from hopeless to hopeful; from self-deprecating to self-compassionate; and from broken to unique.

In this Master Class, you’ll:

  1. Discover why you need to take the time to find out what you do well, and what is truly important to you
  2. Identify your natural patterns of performance that lead to consistent success
  3. Define your key virtues and values (Signature Character Strengths) that make up the core essence of who you are
  4. Find out how to integrate your strengths into your daily life
  5. Learn how to create a natural source of internal fuel to ignite your heart and head to become more productive
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About David Giwerc
David Giwerc, MCC, MCAC, BCC, is Founder and President of the ADD Coach Academy, the world’s foremost ADHD coach training program. The ADD Coach Academy is the first and only comprehensive ADHD coach training program fully accredited by each of the following:

  • International Coach Federation, (ICF), the governing body for the entire coaching profession
  • Center for Credentialing & Education, (CCE)
  • Professional Association of ADHD Coaches, (PAAC), the organization responsible for establishing and maintaining global standards of excellence for credentialing ADHD coaches and accrediting qualified ADHD coach training schools and programs

David is a Master Certified ADHD Coach, MCAC with the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches, (PAAC), a Master Certified Coach, MCC, with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Board Certified Coach, BCC, with the Center for Credentialing & Education, (CCE). For over fifteen years, David has established an internationally recognized coaching practice dedicated to empowering AD/HD entrepreneurs, and executives. David serves on the Advisory Boards of the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, (ADDA), the world’s leading organization supporting adults with ADHD. As a former president of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, (2003-2006), he was instrumental in making “National ADHD Awareness Day” an annual reality. The resolution, identified as US resolution 390, was unanimously approved in the U.S. Senate on July 6, 2004. Since its inception in the United States, it has grown internationally as an annual event designed to educate people all over the world about ADHD and the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment. He is the author of the groundbreaking book, “Permission to Proceed, The Keys to Creating a Life of Passion Purpose and Possibility for Adults with ADHD.” In his debut book, David shares his unique & effective coaching models for gaining control of one’s ADHD in life at home, work and in the community. David Giwerc and the ADD Coach Academy has been featured in numerous publications, including New York Times, New York Times magazine, Fortune, Inc. Magazine; radio and television programs and has been a speaker at various conferences nationally and internationally.

To learn more about David and his work, visit addca.com.

David Would Like to Tell You About…

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