Medication for ADHD and Co-existing Conditions

kennyhandelmanMedication for ADHD and Co-existing Conditions
With Dr. Kenny Handelman, MD
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 11:00am – 1:00pm EDT

After a diagnosis of ADHD, doctors generally suggest treatment with medication (and hopefully with non-medication treatment, as well). It’s important for each person who has ADHD (and their loved ones/caregivers) to develop a good understanding of the role of ADHD medication, how medications work, what the common side effects are, when to be concerned and when you should talk to your doctor. Since many people have trouble accessing an ADHD expert to help them, this Master Class was designed to help you to develop beginner and advanced knowledge about ADHD medication. Psychiatrist Dr. Kenny Handelman will cover the foundational information on ADHD medication, and then covering more advanced topics, including how to determine when to switch medications, which medicines are tried second, third or beyond, and what to do when there are comorbid/co-existing conditions, such as ODD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder or substance use disorders.

In this Master Class, you’ll:

  1. Explore the role of medication in the treatment of ADHD
  2. Discover how ADHD medications work
  3. Understand the first line medications (medicines which are used first) as well as second/third line medications (which should be tried second/third if the first medicines don’t work)
  4. Find out how medicines should be adjusted when one has ADHD plus another condition – i.e. Depression, Anxiety, ODD, Substance use disorders, etc.
  5. Become empowered with the information you need to take an active role in your ADHD medication treatment
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About Dr. Kenny Handelman
Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist who is an expert in ADD/ADHD. He is board certified in the USA and Canada, and is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Handelman is the best-selling author of: Attention Difference Disorder: How To Turn Your ADHD Child or Teen’s Differences Into Strengths in 7 Simple Steps, a book for parents of kids and teens with ADHD. Dr. Handelman teaches other doctors, residents and medical students, as well as parents, educators and kids/teens about ADD/ADHD. He speaks internationally on the subject and is often interviewed on television and radio. He conducts clinical research in ADD/ADHD, and writes the widely-read ADD ADHD Blog, getting over 750,000 visitors per year.

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