Overcoming Obstacles in Time Management

bonniemincuOvercoming Obstacles in Time Management
With Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, SCAC
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 2:00pm – 4:00pm EDT

If the concept of “time management” makes your stomach clench, you’re not alone.  Almost everyone with ADDADHD has difficulty with time, whether it’s meeting deadlines, showing up late for appointments or just getting through a day’s to-do’s.  When you don’t have a realistic sense of time, the whole idea of planning seems an impossible dream. In this Master Class, Senior Certified ADHD Coach Bonnie Mincu will take the mystery out of time management, showing you a simple, intuitive “Time Sense Tool” that has never been taught in traditional time management classes.   Bonnie Mincu has developed this process and fine-tuned it with hundreds of ADHD adults, with amazing results. You can look forward to greater control over your work, smoother relationships, and reduced stress once you gain mastery over managing your time. This class will give you the tools to do it. Expect breakthroughs!

In this Master Class, you’ll:

  1. Develop your ability to accurately predict how long something will take
  2. Uncover the pattern of obstacles that continually throw you off course, and create strategies to overcome them
  3. Learn how to prioritize under pressure
  4. Break through your difficulty getting started, using a tool to correctly identify the problem
  5. Use the key ingredients essential to your own planning success, taking into account your flow and tendencies

Note: Bonnie Mincu recommends that you download the Time Sense Tool now and do the exercise before the Master Class. (This is recommended, but not required.)

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About Bonnie Mincu 
Bonnie Mincu, founder of “Thrive with ADD,” is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach for Attention Deficit Disorder Adults. Bonnie became an ADHD Coach following 20+ years in corporate management, coaching, training and consulting. After leaving her position with a large consulting firm in 1999, she discovered that without the fast-paced structure and deadlines she was accustomed to, she was having trouble focusing on building her business. That’s when she found out she had ADD, and began advanced training in ADD Coaching. She formed her coaching and training company “Thrive with ADD” in 2001 to provide solutions for ADD Adults. Bonnie’s 5-minute online video, “The Attention Movie,” has touched people around the globe. She has developed learning resources on numerous Adult ADHD topics, including the in-depth “Procrastination Transformation” and “ADHD Productivity Engine” virtual workshops that span several weeks, and a “Self-Coaching” workbook/CD package. She has taught her Thrive with ADD at Work seminar at New York University annually since 2004. In true ADD fashion, Bonnie has had several careers prior to founding “Thrive with ADD,” spanning Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profits. Bonnie is also an avid oil painter and jewelry designer.

Credentials and Training:

  • Senior Certified ADHD Coach – Graduate of ADD Coach Academy and B-Coach
  • MA in Organizational Development
  • MBA in Marketing
  • Former Board member, ICF (International Coaching Federation) New York Chapter

Bonnie is based in the New York metropolitan area. She coaches clients all over the world by phone.

To learn more about Bonnie and her work, visit thrivewithadd.com.

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