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David-RabinerAttention Research Update for Parents, Health Care Professionals, and Educators

Are you interested in keeping informed about the latest research on ADHD? If so, I believe you will find Attention Research Update to be a helpful resource.

As a research psychologist at Duke University who studies ADHD, I keep up with new ADHD research that is published each month in the medical and psychology journals.  For each month’s issue of Attention Research Update I select a study that I believe subscribers will find especially interesting, and do my best to provide an objective review of the findings.

The studies reviewed include research on promising new ADHD treatments, educational strategies for children with ADHD, how ADHD impacts development, and a variety of other issues.  I’ve written the newsletter for over 12 years and am proud that over 40,000 subscribers now rely on Attention Research Update to provide them with objective scientific information on ADHD.

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– David Rabiner, Ph.D. Research Professor, Duke University

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