Real Feedback from Past Attendees

What a wonderful and helpful series. I thank all the experts who graciously gave expertise and insight. Thank you so much for the three month grace period so that I will have the time to listen to all the seminars and share them with my husband. I will surely recommend this series to all I know that may be dealing with an individual with ADHD.

– Lisa Tenney, Madison, CT


I think that the virtual conference is a purely genius idea!

I really got a lot more from the conference than I was expecting. I realized that there is a huge community out there who have had some of the same experiences as I have and I felt a sense of belonging that I never had before. The speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring.

I feel more accepted and at peace with myself since the conference. I knew beforehand that despite my ADHD that I’m an okay person—this just solidified it for me. I felt, for the first time, that I truly belonged.

The best thing about the conference was the ease and convenience of it. I could be in two places at once (and they said it couldn’t be done!). I could listen in to a workshop during my lunch break and then get right back to work. I could also listen after work or in the evenings from the comfort of my home. I’m still listening to recordings to get caught up and I can do it at my own pace.

I would tell a friend to attend because you can learn so much from so many leaders in the field, and if you want to, you can remain anonymous.

– Leslie Rothberg, Hollland, PA, www.rainbowcoachingservices.com


When I signed up for the conference, I was hoping to learn coping skills and strategies for improving my day-to-day living, and for overcoming the “overwhelm” and the sense of being stuck.

Now I am trying to practice some of the recommendations more consistently. I think I’m better at asking for help from one or two close friends who understand. I did discuss AD/HD in detail with a family member, which I had not really done before, perhaps because the conference provided me with greater knowledge and reassured me that I’m not alone, nor even that unusual! I’m a little more patient with myself and a little more confident.

Different sessions were helpful in different ways. But the reassurance that others struggle the same way, that the science is progressing, and that there are people who can help and things I can do myself to be less frustrated and more successful was really valuable to me.

Go for it. It’s an investment in a better life.

– Barbara P. Winn, New York, NY


I was so impressed by the well coordinated and organized webinars that ran without a hitch. The caliber of presenters was outstanding and I noticed that every one of the presenters had walked in the shoes of a person with ADD or AD/HD and could truly speak from that vantage point.

I have incorporated what I learned into the way I work with my coaching clients and my hypnosis clients. The learning keyed me more into how the ADHD brain functions and made me more aware of how my clients “tick”. The learning gave me new tools to better serve my clients.

I loved the fact that if my schedule was not flexible to catch a presentation, I didn’t stress over it because the files and recordings were there for me to download at my convenience. I also loved the fact that every presenter offered their contact information for follow-up questions. Everyone who presented was very generous with their time to give more information even after the conference ended.

I have already alerted a number of colleagues and friends when the Virtual AD/HD Conference will be run in 2013 and to block out their calendars and attend!

Elizabeth Early Sheehan, Kerrville, TX, www.sheehanearlyhypnosis.com


I am writing to you to wish you all the best with the 5th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference. I couldn’t afford to attend last year and I felt this incredible sense of loss and like I was really missing out on something that I knew would be great. I am registered for this year’s conference and I am so excited for it that I may not be able to sleep tonight. As always you have put together a wonderful lineup of speakers and wide range of topics. I skimmed through the material and it gets me so psyched. I appreciate that the days are less dense and you have spread it out over four days. It makes it easier to manage the other aspects of life. Again, my best wishes and I’ll be attuned to every word you have to say.

– Suzanne Troll, Zionsville, IN


I have found the Virtual AD/HD Conference so convenient that I can use any part of my learning styles and processes to experience it, no matter what the day, time or situation that is going on in my life. The topics have been current for me, rarely information of I’d “been there, done that” to slide through. Also, the presentation with audio, slides, and discussion, not to mention the Virtual Exhibit Hall AND the 3 month continuous access to the conference that is there, to access by any computer is RIGHT DOWN “MY ALLEY”. I have had my needs met without even knowing what my needs were! Thank you.

– Diane Ziegenfelder, Burke, VA


Your conference far exceeded our expectations. I am newly diagnosed 60-year-old. There is so much information about this disorder, and we are naturally overwhelmed. Where do you start? Then, because there is so much, I froze…not wanting to become consumed in learning about this, yet eager to get on with my life. And then BINGO! God presented your conference to us. My husband listened to the sessions and we learned so much together. He now has a new skill set about the hows and whys about me, and he had the firsthand opportunity to listen and take it to heart, as he heard other people talking about their hearts, their emotions, their feelings and how best to move forward. Now we have an idea, a direction, a path to knowing how to be the best we can be together. I could not have been happier. I feel confident now that I have a community of likeminded spirits, that now I feel comfortable to reach out to.

– Jan Reno, Phoenix, AZ